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Affordable,  revolutionary and simple to use routing software for every district.


With our beginnings in school transportation departments in Indiana, Florida and Ohio, we weren’t satisfied with any of the routing software/support options we've used in the past. We now have our own lineup of incredibly gifted, senior level developers and an ops team with integral backgrounds in school transportation. 


We are happily forging our own path, delivering software that is truly remarkable and providing unparalleled support to our clients with our direct experience and knowledge of the industry. 


We stand firmly beside our clients and champion their needs every day. At SAFEROUTZ, we make decisions that answer two questions: "Does it make it safer for students?" and, "Does it make it easier for transportation staff to do their job?" 


We invite you to experience the difference that SAFEROUTZ can make for your district, and we look forward to collaborating with you.




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Dale Dorsey



Spend 30 mins with us online and get a free demo site for 30 days.

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Let us show you how over 30 years of experience has created the only multi-route consiolidation platform that affordably scales with your needs.

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